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StretchSense: VR Gloves

StretchSense: VR Gloves

Virtual reality is an interactive, immersive experience — with incredible scope in the areas of entertainment, education, and training.

Putting on a VR headset lets us instantly transport to another world; but with that headset alone, all we can do is look around. To be able to reach out and grab an object, we’re going to need some virtual hands!

With StretchSense VR Gloves, you can now do things in the virtual world that we do in the real world like turn a door handle, pull a rope, and pick up and interact with other virtual objects. You can even do pinch and flick gestures

I think most people would agree, that using these VR gloves instead of a computer controller would create a greater feeling of immersion, and helps to make the virtual experience feel more real.

We can't wait to see how this product develops, and hopefully soon we will get the chance in the not too distant future to use the VR Glove for one of our super immersive campaigns!