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Facebook: Surround 360

Facebook: Surround 360

Facebook have recently announced the 2nd generation of its Surround 360 video camera, and this time the company is serious about helping potential customers purchase it as an actual product.

The Surround 360, which Facebook unveiled last year has been upgraded as both a larger, more capable unit and a smaller, more portable version.

Facebooks 360-degree format, gives you the ability to create more engaging videos. Brands will even be able to edit live-action captures with CGI imagery such as adding butterflies to an outdoor scene or even changing the background from cloudy to sun or from daytime to night-time, all thanks to the light and depth data.

As a result of brands and experiential marketing agencies using the Surround 360 as part of a campaign, consumers are able to be immersed in a branded virtual world, experiencing fewer distractions and focusing fully on the product or/and the brand message.

Additionally, the impact of the virtual reality experience generates strong emotions towards the brand and often results in a longer lasting impact in the consumer’s memory.