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Spectacles by Snap Inc

Spectacles by Snap Inc

Coming very soon to Kommando KoolBox...

What are Snapchat Spectacles?
They're connected sunglasses that record video snippets that get saved to your Snapchat Memories. Its camera has a 115-degree lens meant to more closely approximate how humans see. The glasses will be available in three colours: black, teal, and coral. The eye-wear is loaded with a tiny circular camera mounted on the lens, so that the wearer can take first-person video footage and upload instantly, so your friends can watch – in real time – whatever it is you’re doing. Without having to grapple with your phone to create a Snapchat Story, Snapchat users can record and share footage precisely as their eyes see it, interacting with environments and people in ways prohibited by holding up a device.

How do I use Spectacles?
Tap the button on the top left-hand corner of the sunglasses to begin recording a snap. It will automatically stop recording after 10 seconds — but if you want additional recording time, you can tap again to add another 10-second increment.

What's the longest video that I can record?
You can record up to 30 seconds at a time.

Snapchat spectacles open up a new dimension in instant broadcasting. Companies can now broadcast product launches, live events, interviews, behind the scenes footage etc. directly to their core demographic.