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Facebook 360-Video

Facebook 360-Video

360 Videos is Facebook’s name for 360-degree videos, a new type of interactive video that is gaining popularity. Earlier this year, YouTube started supporting such videos too, and the technology to create them has been gaining popularity.

It’s an immersive experience that can be paired with virtual reality headsets. But you don’t have to have a VR headset, you can start watching these videos on your desktop browser, Apple IOS or Android app right away.

360-Video is essentially six videos that are stitched together by smart algorithms to form a seamless single video. The view is like being at the centre of a sphere, and you can look in any direction.

As a result of brands and experiential marketing agencies using the 360-Video as part of campaigns, consumers are able to be immersed in a branded virtual world, experiencing fewer distractions and therefore focusing fully on the product and the brand message. What is in this for brands? Well now you have the capability to "direct" viewers to branded content stored on the video.

Additionally, the impact of the virtual reality experience generates strong emotions towards the brand and often results in a longer lasting impact in the consumer’s memory.