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Promotional Staffing

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Kommando processes are what make us stand out.

Our vast experience in the industry and network of over 3000 staff means you can rely on Kommando to get the job done.

Whether you need 1 member of staff or 100 across the entire UK, we can fulfil all of your staffing requirements.

Take distribution of leaflets as an example. Let’s be honest, it’s the Cinderella of our world, unglamorous, unremarkable - Real bread and butter stuff but it's just as important to us as any other job. To be successful it requires a reliable field force turning up on time who are willing to put in a shift and not leave a mess behind them.

That's where our Klockwork Staffing System really pays dividends and our military precision becomes Kommando's watchword. We apply that same rigour to each and every campaign the length and breadth of the country (in fact, the world).

kommando KlockworkTM & KLOCK-U

All of our projects are underpinned by Klockwork, our unique field force process which recruits, monitors, evaluates, invoices & mobilises. It's had a full decade of investment and enhancement put behind it. Its name quite simply says it all.

Kommando also use patented technology, Klock-U, which allows us to electronically and remotely monitor field staff attendance thus increasing efficiency. Klock- U is part of Kommando's unique Klockwork Staffing System.

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To cut it as a Kommando, you really have to be something special

You can rely on our promotional staff and brand ambassadors to complete the project efficiently and effectively. Building relationships with our brand ambassadors and promo staff over many years has proved successful. It has provided insight into how our team tick and which staff members attributes are best matched to our client’s requirements.

We understand that sourcing the right face and personality for your brand and campaign is top priority.

So much more than staff

Kommando offers so much more than promotional staff, read more about our process.

Join our field force

We are always on the lookout for people interested in joining our UK wide team of promotional staff. If you think you have what it takes to be a Kommando get in touch!