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The Original Guerrilla Marketing Agency

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As the UK's original Guerrilla Marketing agency, we fly above and beyond the limits of traditional advertising. Kommando are behind some of the most talked about stunts and street activity during the last decade.

Thinking Guerrilla: The Power of Projections >>

re-define the rules

Our guerrilla marketing campaigns re-define the rules of communication and go beyond the immediate experience to generate buzz and publicity. Equipped with remarkable (often unique) tools, highly specialised technology and clever thinking, we liberate campaigns from the mundane to the brilliant. 

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Kommando’s guerrilla marketing team create awe inspiring campaigns using a mixture of creative stunts, designed to capture audience and press attention. Our guerrilla way generates press coverage, viral chatter and bring any brand message to the forefront of people’s minds.

Hand-held multimedia HD projectors: These super-bright projections will illuminate your brand when used as part of guerrilla advertising campaigns. They have an instant impact & thanks to the projectors mobility are reactional to crowds & footfall. A great shock factor or for use on time restricted campaigns.

Thinking Guerrilla: The Power of Projections >>