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Experiential Marketing

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According to MICE, Experiential marketing will continue to grow faster than any other marketing channel, this is because Experiential delivers authenticity, greater brand loyalty and encourages word of mouth.

experiential marketing evolveS

Kommando view Experiential marketing in its intended entertainment and investigative form. Kommando Experiential marketing is the burning fire at the very core of any Experiential strategy and we use every ‘tool’ at our disposal, including social media and smart technology, to light the fire and fan the flames.

Well created and expertly delivered Experiential marketing focuses on the customer’s physical and emotional experience to create a compelling narrative that people talk about.

For the best experiential you need the most experienced team.

our experiential marketing CAMPAIGNS

Are renowned for bringing brands closer to their target markets, thanks to our POWERFUL, CREATIVE and SEAMLESS processes.

Read and watch our award winning experiential marketing roadshow campaign for IVECO >>