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Product Sampling

Understanding the myriad of challenges that come with nationwide Product sampling is a skill, perfected over time and through experience.

Since 2000 our team of Product Sampling experts have planned, moved and distributed an estimated 8 million product samples accross the UK with military precision. 

Highly effective and results orientated, our product sampling delivers results. 

Front line Efficiency

We provide effective planning, tools and resource that drive hassle-free product sampling across the UK. Mobilising samples safely to the frontline and into the hands of any target audience where they are most responsive...It's what we do.

We treat each product sample as valuable currency, ensuring that it's not just received as a "freebie" but a powerful marketing trigger that generates the highest possible returns for our clients.

Be rest-assured that your product sampling campaign and reputation is in the safest hands with Kommando.

Read more about Kommando Klockwork Staffing or contact us today for more information.