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Ambient Media

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With so much competition for consumer attention, brands need innovative ways to bring their message to their target audiences. These days channels which consumers can easily filter out are becoming much less effective.

Kommando is renowned for its Ambient advertising strategies and campaigns which are ‘something a bit different’. (original phrase for Ambient media, coined in 1996).

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ambient MEDIA strategies

An out-of-home solution is based on placing advertising in unexpected places. Ambient media can be used in conjunction with traditional media as part of an integrated campaign, or used equally as effectively as a stand-alone activity. Either way, we always attract attention and gain results by choosing the best media format available for your brand.

The greatest strength of our ambient media campaigns is the ability to deliver challenging but relevant experiences that promote audience engagement. Your landscape is our blank canvas; we make an art of utilising surrounding environments to communicate brand messages – with a bang.

Fan of, or curious about Street Graffiti?

At Kommando, we’re famous for our Street Graffiti so you might have come across some of our works of art. We utilise environmentally friendly street graffiti tactics to add an additional dimension to out of home campaigns.

Getting attention is only part of the picture. Kommando’s ambient media campaigns are about creating a memorable campaign and linking it with our complementary services such as guerrilla marketing and field marketing.