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Mass market advertising platforms are dramatically in decline, as new technology delivers increasingly exciting and engaging channels of communication.

The outcome is that consumers are reacting more positively to well-targeted marketing campaigns that allow them to interact with a brand.

At Kommando, we facilitate honest dialogue, encouraging conversations between brands and consumers. These conversations are stimulated by live brand storytelling, events, stunts, product trials and face-to-face interaction.


Kommando Case Studies


We are members of the ‘always on’ generation – always on our smart phones, always online and always available. Technology has enabled us to capture, document and share experiences everywhere & anywhere in real time. Advances in mobile capabilities, such as second-screen technology and the evolution of Bluetooth, have created powerful advertising tools that are becoming increasingly important in today’s media landscape.

At Kommando, we endeavour to create campaigns that utilise mobile technology, encouraging consumers to share brand experiences with their virtual peer group. Social media seeding of a campaign ensures that the message is spread far beyond the reaches of the activation itself and, consequently, provides a greater ROE for the client. Without a full understanding of mobile technology and associated ‘bridging’ capabilities, the benefits of a live brand experience will be diluted.



Technology at the core

For years, we’ve turbocharged our campaign successes by investing heavily in the creation and development of new technologies. Our unique technologies are designed to enhance the depth and reach of brand engagement, with particular emphasis on digital and social marketing channels.

Our technology serves a purpose: to improve our clients’ ability to surprise and delight, and to convert a consumer’s interest into meaningful dialogue and action.


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