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Healthier Scotland

Healthier Scotland

Kommando worked with Story on behalf of the Scottish Government to deliver an innovative field marketing campaign, For your kids' sake, take it right outside, the aim of which was to raise awareness of the dangers of second-hand smoke in the home, focusing specifically on the dangers faced by children.

The tour comprised of 60 dates in total, visiting various locations throughout the country.

Using the power of augmented reality software, Kommando were able to ‘make the invisible visible’, allowing visitors to see dangerous toxins floating around them and inside of them (blackened lungs) – mirrored on a TV screen.

Visitors were also asked to ‘take it right outside’, where they had their photo taken courtesy of PixAngels photo marketing, and made a pledge to keep their home a smoke-free zone.

The photos were printed on-the-spot, and gifted to visitors in ‘healthier Scotland’ branded frames. The intention was that these keepsakes would serve as reminders of the experience and help to motivate future behaviour change.

All of the photographs taken were assigned a unique code, and were instantly uploaded to a bespoke and private online gallery. Visitors to the gallery could add photo filters, and create collages.

The online gallery included links to the supporting TV advert, a lung quiz, and the campaign website. Images could also be seeded to social media, allowing the campaign messages to spread online.

The augmented reality application used throughout the campaign was made available for local NHS boards to download on both Apple and android platforms, sustaining the campaign messages beyond the field execution.