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Government Eat In Season

Government Eat In Season

“I was very impressed by the way the experiential side of the campaign was activated and run by Kommando. The campaign looked incredibly professional, appeared to run very smoothly and was obviously positively received by both stores and customers.” Local Marketing Manager, UK Tesco.

The campaign aimed to educate consumers about in season produce, raising awareness of this type of produce, the benefits of buying/ consuming it and demonstrating how easily it can be incorporated into diets, with the ultimate goal of changing people’s behaviour so they eat more in season food, more often. In season food is better value for money, easier to obtain, tastes better and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle which in turn contributes to a Greener Scotland.

Kommando united with Story to create and execute an experiential and sampling campaign which was designed to meet all aspects of the brief in a fresh, informative and educational manner. The nationwide campaign covered a tour of ASDA, Dobbies, Morrisons and Tesco stores.

Results At A Glance: Over two bursts of the campaign Kommando and Story achieved 73, 000 interactions, 370, 000 impressions and independent research reported that 95% of participants stated that they were cooking or eating food that is ‘in season’.