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Kommando worked with NomadiX Media to implement a unique experience to encourage contract sign-ups and showcase Vodafone’s new range of mobile phones.

NomadiX technology, iWalkers, were used to demonstrate the mobile handsets functions, menus and online capability to shoppers outside the Vodafone retailers through a live link from the mobile handset to the overhead screen.

A competition was devised to encourage customers’ in-store to validate their entry in order to win 2 VIP tickets to the Vodafone Live Music Awards. They would also qualify for one month’s Vodafone Mobile Internet trial using a text sent to them through the bounce back message. This was available for both Vodafone and non Vodafone customers.

Trained event managers used boom microphones and PA systems. Staff provided seamless live demonstrations, technological knowledge and successful interaction with existing or potential Vodafone customers.

NomadiX Media technology also provided Vodafone with the opportunity to target customers as they were passing the retailer. They were targeted with live demonstrations of the handset at the same time as being able to demonstrate the web pages of Vodafone’s internet partners.

A PR opportunity was also created in Leicester Square in the form of a VMI hospitality event. The area was set up to resemble a race course where a famous racing driver - sponsored by Vodafone - drove around the track. The car was then put online for auction via their internet partner where only guests from that day could bid to win the vehicle. All bids were processed using the NomadiX screens and handsets.

Kommando generated a 65% increase in network conversion and contract sign-ups in store.