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Engaging customers in brand experiences through the power of technology

All brands should be looking at engaging customers in a brand experience and delivering messages directly to these consumers.

With this in mind, we have picked the top experiential technologies which aim to pull together the interaction of experiential with the reach of OOH in order to drive deeper customer engagement:

In at number one is NomadiX Media and their iWalker. It has recently been described as A cut above” other out of home (OOH) technologies by Shopping Centre Magazine and is a great way at making media unmissable. Essentially it is a wearable digital out of home technology, which can roam and interact with consumers. We would use iWalker for experiential campaigns, sponsorship activations, events and more.

Some exciting news from NomadiX Media, they have just announced an exclusive partnership with Hamerson (Silverburn Glasgow) and their HALO network, which puts brands in front of targeted consumers. HALO is an advertising network utilising the roaming capability of iWalker. For more information on HALO and iWalker, check out the brand new NomadiX Media website.

The second experiential technology we love at the moment is PixAngels. They are like a roaming photo booth…but with a difference! They make it all seem so simple, using smart digital software, and promoting online sharing of branded photos they drive advocacy & digital engagement.

So how does it work? Check out the image above for the PixAngels Journey.

PixAngels has been utilised for brand activations, sport sponsorships and music festival events for brands such as Molton Brown, Cadbury and Disney.

If you want to use the power of social media to amplify your next event, contact PixAngels.

Lastly, but my no means least, Virtual Reality makes it into our top 3 technologies. Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology which is constantly developing from simple holograms to the creation of entire virtual worlds.

Virtual reality is a great way to drive a deeper engagement with consumers. Not only that, it seems to be a tech that every industry is taking on board. We used virtual reality for VELUX, who work in an industry you wouldn’t normally associate with the use of Virtual Reality in a campaign. That is the great thing with VR…the world really is your oyster.

The advancement in VR tech means they are developing tech at a rate that seems something new is coming out on a daily basis, take StretchSense™ for instance, they have just invented a touch sensitive glove which works in the VR "world" meaning you can now pick up virtual objects – this is only adds to the immersive experience you get from VR.

You can check out our KoolBox for other tech that we use on our experiential campaigns. If you have are looking to drive deeper consumer engagement, we’d love to hear from you.

Experiential Marketing Tech

Enhance the bond between the customer and the brand

Experiential Marketing Tech
The idea behind Experiential Marketing is simple, to enhance the bond between the customer and the brand by creating and facilitating a fun and memorable event or advertising experience.

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Experiential Throwback
Our aim is to create new and exciting campaigns that shout louder than the rest! We are proud of every single experiential campaign that we have delivered across the UK and beyond.

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The Experiential Power
Experiential marketing is fast becoming more and more popular, this is because traditional advertising is failing to hit the mark. Through photos, conversations and stories, we not only remember our experiences but essentially enhance them through memories.