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Rise and Shine with Tropicana’s Man-Made Sun in Trafalgar Square

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At 6.51am yesterday morning a man-made sun shone in Trafalgar Square. Tropicana's ‘Brighter Mornings’ campaign brightened up the public passing by Trafalgar Square.

Images: DailyMail 23/01/2011

The ‘Brighter Morning’ Campaign in Trafalgar Square was a blinding idea and certainly eye catching for many who believe sunshine is good for your mood and health (including artificial light): The bright morning brought a smile to most faces even on this particularly cold and dark morning. 'Sunlight is something many of us crave mid-winter,' (Tropicana spokesman Pete Charles).


Creating an experience for many onlookers: 'We hope people will be able to come down, relax in our deckchairs and enjoy a glass of Tropicana whilst watching the spectacular sunrise. The perfect start to a January day.’

The 'sun' is as bright as 60,000 lightbulbs and can reach a boiling 100C at its core, although it has an internal cooling system.The temporary display was removed last night at 7.33pm (extending daylight for would-be picnickers by a welcome three hours), shifting a 2,500kg fake sun, which is 30,000 times the size of a football at 200 square-metres.Tropicana’s bright light could be looked at directly because it is encased in beautiful yellow fabric.The luminous orb took six months to construct.

how it was executed

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