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Top 3 Ways to Harness the Power of Experiential Marketing

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Experiential marketing is fast becoming more and more popular, this is due to the fact traditional advertising is failing to hit the mark.

Through photos, conversations and stories, we not only remember our experiences but essentially enhance them through memories. The way in which brand experiences are designed, and shared is extremely important. The aim of an experiential marketing campaign is to harness the power of word-of-mouth, creating emotive experiences for consumers.

Here are our top three ways in which we ensure brands are always pushing the power of experiential.

Design an event that is made for social sharing

Amplification is vital for a great return on investment. We want as many people as possible to interact, attend, read and/or hear about every experiential campaign we create. For the launch of the Ken Loach’ movie “I’ Daniel Blake”, we projected images from the film onto local landmarks, bringing people on the street to a standstill whilst emphasising the #WeAreAllDanielBlake hashtag.

We delivered not only a fantastic, shareable moment but also engaging content for people to follow the story from the street through to social media by tracking the hashtag.

People participation

Delivering a great experience means giving up control (slightly) and trusting that people will participate with the activity. At our Powergen event, spectators participated in a unique way. In order to show how much energy it took to power a freezer, customers had to cycle to keep their ice cream frozen, their reward was to keep the ice cream…whether or not they had managed to keep it from melting!

This created a fantastic buzz and a fair few laughs as people were cycling profusely in order to keep their freezer cold enough, which ultimately led to mass participation and enjoyment!


For the "Take it Right Outside" second-hand smoke campaign we used Augmented Reality headsets, for our VELUX campaign, we became experts in Virtual Reality, for rock band Twin Atlantic's album launch we used iProjector from our KoolBox...we believe that technology has a critical role to play in experiential marketing.

With the use of technology, we get to make your campaign unique and memorable!

Experiential allows businesses to look deeper at their customers, and generate a mutual rapport. The campaign messages spread by experiential marketing can then be repeated and reinforced through traditional media outlets, such as TV, radio and social media.

Do you have an experiential project you'd to chat about? We'd love to hear from you.

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