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Some funny hiccups made by some well known brands

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We came across some fun images or hiccups, featuring some well known brands, just for your pleasure and to brighten up your day!...

The Domino's Effect!

Customers may have to wait for the crumbs to fall as pizza delivery takes a day off at Domino’s


Baby iMac - How an iMac is born

Granny Smith Apple - How apples show their age!

DHL Express - When it simply HAS to be there, yesterday

IKEA Food Size - When size matters, just in case you were in doubt...

Microsoft Innovation - Business leadership and digital innovation
The future leads to better software...


TK Maxx

Giant Shopping lands in Glasgow

TK Maxx
Kommando have created an experiential campaign for TK Maxx to launch their latest flagship superstore.

Drama And Surprise

TV Channel Launch causes drama and surprise

Drama And Surprise
To launch their new TV channel, TNT placed a large red push button on a quiet square in a Belgium town. Next to the button was an invitation: "Push to add drama."