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Restore The Floor

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Thinking Guerrilla

The Power of Projections

Thinking Guerrilla
As Guerrilla Marketers with over 20 years experience, here at Kommando we try and explain to people that Guerrilla Marketing is not any particular style or discipline of marketing. It is a state of mind.

Mock funeral

Road Safety Institute invites speeders to own funeral

Mock funeral
“They were going to meet up with a friend. At least that’s what they thought. And what it you were invited, like them, to your own funeral?”

Highland Spring

"Best Seat in the House"

Kommando and our staffing division working with Multiply, have just completed filming for Highland Spring's "Best Seat in the House" campaign. Fifty of Kommando's brand ambassadors bounced into Liverpool Street Station in London with inflatable branded tennis ball seats strapped to their bodies.