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Reggae Reggae Sauce

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After success on popular TV show ‘Dragons Den’, Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce rocketed in sales and quickly became another ‘must have’ condiment in most of our cupboards. The taste and quality of the sauce speaks for itself and with even more flavours out just in time for the summer, Kommando are delighted to be carrying out the brand’s latest field marketing.  

The Reggae Reggae Sauce should be high on consumer shopping lists this BBQ season, with additional flavours set to entice those with a milder pallets. Roots has also developed an alternative tomato ketchup. The entrepreneur’s main goal has always been to put some ‘Caribbean flava’ into everyday British meals.

Tim Beard, Reggae Reggae Sauce’s Marketing Controller spoke about the brand recently, “If you’ve ever put Reggae Reggae Sauce onto kebabs, chops, sausages, steak or even into pasta you’ll know that it certainly livens up the dish and gives your tastebuds a bit of a wakeup call…the sauce has a transformative effect, an ability to liven up any dish.”

Kommando are working in conjunction with Pearl & Dean on behalf of Levi Roots, targeting busy cinemas across the summer and enticing consumers who wouldn’t normally try such a sauce. Samples of the Caribbean inspired condiment have already been a hit with cinema goers!

Free sachets of Reggae Reggae Sauce with ‘coupon off next purchases’ are some of the ways consumers are being introduced to the products. Samples include the original Reggae Reggae Sauce and Reggae Reggae Tomato Ketchup.

Kommando’s campaign coincides with the latest advert released from Levis Roots where viewers get to listen to the famous song which everyone has grown to love. The song which helped to secure Levi’s contract with the Dragons is finally brought to life and given some backing singers. The advert also encourages consumers to “put some music in your food.”

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