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Is Programmatic the Future

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Is programmatic the future? Experts seem to think so, it has recently been reported that Programmatic advertising is expected to grow by as much as 31% in 2017.

“Programmatic” ad buying refers to using software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process which involved human negotiations and manual orders. Basically, it’s using machines to buy advertising space.

In the past, a relationship with a publication/publicist would have been required, who would probably have charged a ludicrously high fee based on audience potential (which was probably massively inflated) but most importantly it required you to give away control of your brand and your brand voice.

This is no longer required when advertising is bought programmatically. This means you set parameters within which you want to advertise; location, demographics, interests etc, and how much you are willing to pay. This may be cost per thousand, cost per click or even cost per engagement (15 second page view).

In the milliseconds a web page takes to load, an auction takes place between the advertisers who want to target that audience, and the winner or the person who gets to advertise here is one willing to pay the most will have their content placed.

This means that your content will only be seen by those you want it to be viewed by, and reducing the amount of wasted advertising spend.

Extreme Stunt!

Lush Cosmetics Fight Against Animal Testing

Extreme Stunt!
A performance artiste underwent animal laboratory tests in the window of Lush Regent Street London, to raise awareness of the worldwide ‘Fighting Animal Testing’ campaign and EU petition.

Pushing The Boundaries

Into The Kool Box Goes... Virtual Reality.

Pushing The Boundaries
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Greenpeace Guerrilla

Campaign Attacks Volkswagen's Environmental Record

Greenpeace unleashed a guerrilla marketing campaign against Volkswagen on Tuesday morning, by placing banners over the top of London billboards.