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PETA reprimand Ant & Dec over stunt

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An Ant & Dec stunt has attracted the wrong sort of attention after they were criticized by animal rights activists for inflicting unnecessary suffering on animals.

The stunt, which was part of new Simon Cowell backed venture Red or Black, saw Ant & Dec shepherding a flock of sheep spray painted red and black at Roundhay Park in Leeds.

A spokesman from People for the Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) said: “Subjecting these shy sensitive animals to long periods of restraint in order to spray them with potentially noxious chemicals will also be stressful and frightening for them.”

Red or Black is a new lottery show to be filmed live at Wembley Arena in front of an audience of 15,000 as hopefuls bid to scoop £1m based on the spin of a wheel.

An ITV spokesman insisted that though the colour switch was “dramatic” the dye used was harmless.

Its always best to call in the professionals when executing stunts to avoid any crisis PR, damaging press and the costs that can result from this.

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