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Not yet born? Don’t worry, you can still have a Facebook page

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Not content with getting daily updates from parents-to-be? Your anguish may now be at an end…Despite (apparently) being off limits to under 13’s, Facebook have waived the rule when it comes to those who are not yet born by allowing excited parents to register their unborn children as family members.

With the ability to add a due date and even name the child, Gwenn O’ Keefe, author of the book CyberSafe warned via The Telegraph: “People need to take a deep breath and live life with a certain amount of privacy and dignity. What if things don’t go right? You don’t want to answer questions from all your Facebook friends.”

Explaining the move a facebook spokesman said: “We develop new features, in part, by seeing how people use the service. For years, people have been using Facebook to share the joyous news of expecting a child and, a few months ago, we began testing a feature designed to make that process easier.”

Hmm… we’re with Gwenn on this one. What are your thoughts? Too far or do you think creating a Facebook page for the unborn will become as routine as creating a birth certificate?

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