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McDonalds opens on Carla Lane Island?

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Mystery struck St Tudwal’s East Island this week after a giant letter M – extremely similar to the McDonald’s logo – appeared on the roof of an old chapel building.

The island, owned by TV writer and animal rights campaigner Carla Lane, was described by the photographer - boatman Roy Gregory - as a nature reserve that’s usually deserted.

"I work on the Shearwater taking people on a tour to see the seals and other wildlife, seven days a week if the weather permits," said Mr Gregory.

"I passed on Friday and it wasn't there, we didn't go out on Saturday because it was too rough, and then when I passed on Sunday I saw it," he said.

"I took a picture because it seems such an odd thing to do, although I was laughing," he added.

So, is this a practical joke or a great piece of guerrilla marketing?

A representative for McDonald's said of the yellow M logo: 'It does look like ours but it’s nothing to do with us… The only possible explanation is our franchise in the local area recently got rid of signage which was picked up by our waste disposal management company. It got distributed from there and it could be a practical joke somewhere down the line.'

Liverpool-born Ms Lane is famed for a string of TV comedies in the 1970s and 80s, which also included Butterflies and Solo, and is a well-known animal rights campaigner. She bought the east island off the Lleyn peninsula in 1992.

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