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Big Isn’t Always Better!

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It was only erected 12 days ago but Louis Vuitton has been forced to dismantle its extreme trunk installation in Moscow's Red Square, after its presence caused the city's residents and politicians to complain.

Department store, Gum - who originally supported the two-storey stunt - said that the temporary structure would be removed and commented that it exceeded the "maximum parameters" permitted.

Vuitton’s brown suitcase-shaped pavilion measured nine meters in height and was covered with the brand's signature stenciling.

On December 2, the building was set to house the label's new exhibition about travellers who had used the brand's luggage in the past. The exhibit's proceeds were to go to the Naked Hearts children's foundation of Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova.

The controversy came as a shock to the fashion house, Russian MP’s remarked that the structure was too close to the tomb of Vladimir Lenin and obscured the Kremlin, a historic site. It was reported that “a member of the country's communist party claimed that the installation trivialised a ‘sacred place’.”

Many tourists and Russian citizens also complained that Vuitton’s structure blocked their views of most landmark sites.

Gum commented on its website, "Considering the views of some members of the public, and the fact that the pavilion's size has surpassed the agreed parameters, we told Louis Vuitton about the need to dismantle the pavilion immediately."

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