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Louis Vuitton

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For the first time Louis Vuitton has decided to release a TV commercial to promote their latest fashion range. Their Ad features model Arizona Muse and the main reason for the campaign is to broaden the Italian fashion house’s audience.

See the advert below.


The luxury fashion brand is rolling out the TV campaign globally and as part of its’ wider ‘L’Invitation au Voyage’ push. The film follows the model as she travels to the Louvre in Paris to recover a letter before leaving in a hot-air balloon, coloured in the popular ‘red’.

The advert is running in conjunction with a Facebook app (a teaser was launched earlier this month). There is also a print campaign running which includes placements in high end- media including Vanity Fair.

Marketing Week reported “Luxury brands such as Luis Vuitton have previously used placements in high-end to build awareness. The French brand’s foray into TV could see the brand boost its profile among consumers outside its traditional demographic of high-net-worth individuals.”

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