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LOCOGs on Mobile Marketing

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Are LOCOGs efforts to control mobile marketing wasted?

The news that LOCOG is aiming to prevent non-sponsors from using virtual space surrounding the Olympics by making official location based check-in available only to sponsors has sparked some debate in Kommando HQ.

LOCOG plans to take advantage of Foursquare by offering a range of check-in points relevant to the Games. A deal with Foursquare could not be confirmed as yet but they are in talks to offer official check-in platforms open only to sponsors.

A spokesman for LOCOG said ‘We will be working with a range of location-based services at Games-time on a non-exclusive basis. We will announce more details in due course.’

Following the warning from digital experts that there will be a barrage of social media marketing ahead of London 2012 we wonder if LOCOGs efforts will be wasted due to the other opportunities available for non-sponsors to get in on the act.

If social media can bring down governments and change regimes then how much of a chance does LOCOG have of controlling and managing social media in and around the Games? Which brings us to the point that if you want to reach and target this audience but don’t have the privilege of being an official sponsor, mobile, digital and social coupled with guerrilla tactics is your best option!

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