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Nokia’s launch of new 'Lumia' handset illuminates the skies of London

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Projection artists hired by Nokia and renowned producer/DJ Deadmau5 illuminated the banks of the River Thames in London this week. The unique collaboration turned out to be well matched with a performance incorporating sound and light to launch the new Nokia Lumia phones.

For the ‘light’ element of the show, projections were used. The 120 metre Millbank tower is made of glass and because projections don't work against glass, each one of the 800 windows had to be covered with removable white vinyl stickers to allow the projections come to life. After this was set up 16 powerful projectors used advanced mapping and overlay graphics to beam images onto the Millbank Tower, delivering a fully sound and visual experience of a digital world.

The audio visual show was a great way of lifting the spirits of Londoners on a cold winter night. Fun and awe inspiring images such as enormous extinct dinosaurs combined with world exclusive tracks from deadmau5, what an experience! The event was announced on the days leading up to the event, stating that the show would kick off at 9pm and last a whopping 45 minutes!

It’s well known that a large variety of London clubs feature lightshows, projections or VJs, but deadmau5 expressed that this was the biggest he had experienced: "Visuals have always been an important part of my shows, so the chance to work with Nokia and its projection team on a project of this scale and ambition is really exciting. It's also great to be able to play such an iconic landmark and to a UK crowd."

This spectacular display pushes the boundaries of live audio visual performances and was the first time a projection of this scale has been seen in the capital, and the first time it has been matched with a live music performance. Hopefully there will be more to come! Some are calling this 4D, others say it's brilliant 3D and close to real life, why not take a look at the video and decide for yourself…

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