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Kommando worked together with Story on behalf of the Government, to create and implement another two campaigns for Greener Scotland. These campaigns help to reach climate targets set by the Scottish Government of a 42 per cent reduction in CO2 by 2020 and an 80 per cent reduction by 2050.

The ‘Greener Scotland’ campaign aimed to have a massive impact on the wellbeing of families, the comfort of homes, the quality of the places people live, and the health of the natural environment.

Greener living also has helped everyone play their part as one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Going greener is just one of the ways we can reduce carbon emissions and slow down climate change. If we look after the planet, we look after Scotland too. Cleaner air. Warmer homes. Less noise. Less pollution. Better health and fitness. It all adds up to a better quality of life.

The first campaign named 'overarching', promoted an overall greener living, whereas the second campaign promoted, in particular, 'recycling' as one of the ways to ‘go greener’.

The campaigns took to the streets for a national information road show that visited towns and cities across Scotland over the course of a few months. It encouraged everyone across the country to play their part in making Scotland a cleaner, greener place to live.

We wanted to demonstrate that every greener effort – big or small – does make a difference. By showing everyone can contribute, people will be encouraged to recognise greener living benefits for them, their families and Scotland as a whole.

Expertise & Resources Utilised:

  • Promotional teams (fully scripted), branded set up, interactive touch screen and bespoke gaming with tin character, called ‘Rapid Recycler’. (For full insight and strategy behind the game ask us for the full case study >>). The interactive screen and game provided an invaluable ‘hook’ for encouraging parents / families to stop and chat.
  • 3G enabled iPads with bespoke search facility, data capture, organisation and implementation of competitions with customized prizes.
  • Follow-up evaluation, promotional collateral's tailored to reiterate and remember the campaign’s message and branding.


Kommando 'Go Greener' for the latest Government campaigns

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Scotland’s green ambitions were evident in research that showed 72 per cent of respondents agree greener living was necessary and over half (52 per cent) said they would like to do more to help the environment.

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