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Kommando for Home Energy Scotland

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Kommando have recently been involved in the promotion of the Government’s Home Energy Scotland (HES) Campaign, complementing and coinciding with the televised advert.

Kommando teamed up with Government appointed agency Story to construct an informative and interactive field marketing campaign which demonstrated the potential savings that every homeowner could be making.The Campaign targeted anyone looking for advice on how to stay warm in their homes and cut energy bills during the winter. Participants were encouraged to visit the Scottish Government’s Home Energy Scotland (HES) Roadshow and website, phone the hotline and sign up to competitions.


At the centre of the campaign, energy advisors have been travelling around Scotland helping locals insulate their homes for the winter. Advisers have been able to demonstrate the full benefits and potential savings via Kommando’s NomadiX Media.

With research showing two out of three Scottish lofts currently don’t have enough insulation, advisors from the HES Hotline were employed to highlight to shoppers how the correct level of insulation can help avoid costly energy loss.

Part of Kommando's campaign utilised thermal imaging technology (courtesy of NomadiX ScreenWalkers) to tie in with the message delivered in the TV advert. The HES TV Advert show a man placing a woolly hat on his head after the voiceover states “When it’s cold you lose heat from your head...and it’s the same for your house...” The house behind mirrors the man’s actions by putting a hat over its roof.

The innovative ScreenWalkers were connected to the thermal imaging cameras: Advisors demonstrated to passers-by where heat is lost from their bodies to prompt them into thinking about how heat is lost from their home and what they can do to help retain most of their heat.

NomadiX screenwalkers were also used to relay key campaign messages and invite consumers forward to speak to HES representatives at the stand. Teams operated iPads (connected to the walkers) which provided quick demonstrations of home insulation and encouraged people to enter into a prize draw and leave their name/number for a call-back from a HES advisor.

Supporting the Scotland wide roadshow, Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment said:

“We can all take little steps that can make a big difference in heating our homes. Ensuring your home has adequate insulation is one of the free measures that is on offer to households...We need to ensure that all homes in Scotland are aware of what is on offer and that’s why we are staging this roadshow to take the messages into the heart of people’s everyday lives.”

The HES Hotline was set up to encourage people across Scotland to find out if they have the correct level of insulation and promote the free and discounted offers available to people who are looking to stay warm this winter.

Around 40,000 homes in Grampian could be eligible for free insulation and one call to the Hotline could result in this being provided. Loft insulation alone can help people save up to £175 a year in energy bills, as well as helping the environment by creating greener homes.

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