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Kommando Celebrates 10th Birthday!

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Kommando, the UK’s leading consumer engagement and award winning experiential agency are reaping the rewards of their outstanding reputation. Celebrating their 10th Birthday this November, having just moved into new custom built HQ premises at The Barn, Glasgow.

10 years ago Kommando provoked the national press, catching consumer attention with the most underground guerrilla marketing campaign Scotland had seen. Kommando and its team hit the streets livening up historical statues of Glasgow City Centre, dressing each statue with oversized “See you jimmy hats” for Scottish leader’s whiskey campaign, “There’s only one Scottish leader”.

9 years on and Kommando are not only expanding they are scooping contracts for campaigns Europe wide and winning awards for their work. Proud to list prestigious global brands, T-Mobile, Levis, Warburtons, and the Government amongst many others in their who’s who of brands. The first successful experiential and consumer engagement agency in Scotland. Kommando’s reputation preceds them, known for delivering innovative and exciting live campaigns with measurable results. It is thanks to Kommando’s clients and the consumers changing needs that Kommando have battled the volatile financial climate, continuing to expand their team and win new contracts from both global agencies and brands direct.

Mark Evans, Managing Director of Kommando says “ Over the last 10 years we have seen consumer behaviour change rapidly. There are clearer switch off zones that brands should be aware of not to mention the shrinking of traditional media channels. Consumers have shown that they expect more creativity in communications planning. Hopefully now we will see agencies and brand controllers prepared to explore new technologies and practice that connect in more engaging and measurable ways. Hopefully the next 10 years will be as exciting as our last 10..”.

Evolving with clever new branding, a sharp brand new website and the launch of Photo Engagement technology, PixAngels there is no doubt that Kommando understands the shifting trends of consumer behaviour and appreciate the need to offer accountable and unique to Kommando innovative technology such as nomadic hand held projectors, wearable media and proximity mobile marketing. Services that other agencies can only dream about. With the investment in creating an agency fully prepared to embrace future change you can be sure to be hearing more from Kommando....

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