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Karl Lagerfeld heightens anticipation for his new collection

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Initially, Karlmania began when Karl Lagerfeld’s hotly anticipated new collection disappeared on the 15th of December. Stylish fans united from across the world and created a new cult: Karl’s Cult and campaigned for the release of the new collection. Many took to the streets dressed as Lagerfeld!

The most recent news has revealed there will now be a release date for Karl Lagerfeld’s missing collection after a mysterious cube landed in the centre of Paris equip with a timer counting down until the the 25th of January.

As anticipation grows, chatter continues across the internet and social media channels with reference to the launch (25th January) of the new collection.

The story has been a big hit across the web and in the press. The designer has created a following of ‘Karlified’ fans and thousands of these fans have pledged support by downloading the Net-A-Porter App which allows you to transform a photo of yourself into a designer.

  • It has been reported that fans have been downloading and playing the Net-A-Porter App Games which lets them Karlify everything. Fans are doing so to show their support and eagerness for the new collection.
  • The Invasion of Karl’s clones! Everyone and everything has been Karlified!
  • A clock is counting down the hours until Karl Lagerfeld’s missing and new collection is revealed.


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