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IRN-BRU's Phenomenal Ginger Boot

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Kommando are working with AG Barrs to promote the Ginger Boot award as part of IRN-BRU’S sponsorship of the Scottish Football League.

The Ginger Boot is a new award from IRN-BRU for the 2010/11 SFL season which rewards the top goal scorer each month across all 3 divisions of the SFL. The Ginger Boot award is sure to shake things up in the SFL by adding an extra competitive element, each winner will be awarded with a pair of iconic Ginger Boots to wear with pride.

To increase awareness of this award our team are visiting various SFL matches with a giant IRN-BRU inflatable ‘back of the net’ game. Fans are given a bottle of irn bru and encouraged to join in on the fun and score their own goal of the day Fans will also be made aware of the website where they can keep track of the leader board.

The campaign has proved successful since its launch and Kommando are continuing to work with AG Barrs over the next 2 weeks to increase awareness further.

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