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Responsible Drinking Experiment

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Heineken teamed up with DJ Armin van Buuren to undertake a social ‘experiment’ across two separate nights in the same club.

The test, named ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’, was used to demonstrate that a good DJ can encourage people to limit their drinking in order to enjoy the music. The stunt was able to successfully influence the drinking behaviour of revellers.

The beer giant will soon launch its global campaign which encourages drinkers to make the most of their nights out in a responsible way. The campaign message is being amplified through “The Experiment.”

“The Experiment” video accompanied by a new music track, ‘Save My Night’ will also be backed by a series of experiential stunts targeting young adults during their nights out in more than 20 countries.

Heineken’s latest drive is part of an ongoing “responsibility to make moderate drinking aspirational,” (Heineken, 2014) and builds on the brands “Sunrise” campaign, which launched in 2012, to provide a contrast to the negative anti-drinking ads pushed by other companies.


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