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Handheld Projectors

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We love this nifty piece of technology by NomadiX Media and we’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s handheld and portable, beaming super-bright projections that maintain HD movie quality up to 200 ft.

The easy to use projector has an integrated stereo sound system and Bluetooth capabilities which means the impact and live interaction with audiences is potentially greater.

The product was specially designed for hijacking crowds and capturing attention on the move, guerrilla style. Worn and carried on a trained brand ambassador, the technology allows for incredibly powerful small or giant video projections in targeted locations both indoors and outdoors.

We think NomadiX projectors are great for providing stand-out and immediate engagement, capturing attention in areas unchartered by traditional media and hard to reach consumer environments.


  • Super-bright HD projector
  • Handheld & portable - easier to mobilise and position than vehicular mobile projections
  • Integrated Stereo Sound system and Bluetooth Capability
  • Included: specially trained brand ambassadors and technical supervision
  • On the move roving media
  • Indoors and outdoors for small or giant projections
  • Long life battery powerLow cost per impression
  • Highly targeted – it’s not static
  • Quantifiable, measurable data and results
  • Immediate cut-through

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