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Great Experiential Marketing Campaigns

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Experiential Marketing campaigns

In the era where consumers live in a fear of missing out culture (FOMO), brands are turning more and more to experiential marketing in order to take advantage of consumers’ unquenchable thirst to share.

In this digital era, it is imperative that you reach consumers who are willing to engage with your content. All experiences now have to feature a mixture of strategies that can both have a high impact on the ground as well as online.

Experiential marketing is vastly becoming the powerful content creator for consumers. People are sharing their day-to-day experiences through a multitude of channels, and it is up to us to provide them with the opportunity to do this, through our experiential campaigns.

Below is a list of some top experiential marketing campaigns:


The Experiential campaign was named 'Black Friday' and Kommando were approached to create and implement a campaign/ stunt which was centred around the last ever episode of Friends- broadcast exclusively on Channel 4. At the same time, Kommando were also asked to promote the start of Reality show, Big Brother.

A quirky and strategically placed sandwich board campaign helped bring in an audience of 8.6 million viewers to Channel 4 for the last ever showing.

Advocates for Animals

Working with Advocates for Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports, Kommando raised the voices of the animal cruelty charity. Staging a highly provocative experiential stunt outside Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, before taking to the streets raising awareness to the general public of the unnecessary torture, caused by the use of snares to Princess Street commuters and shoppers.

Actors were photographed on the street having been trapped by dangerous snares. Different parts of the body were wrapped with giant human snares with blood staining around the wound. Actors were dressed in costume to portray different characters from all walks of life, a Student dressed casually, a businessman in business dress, a woman out shopping, a working man in overalls and a Jogger out for a run.


After joining forces with Keira Knightley, Chanel wanted to launch their newest ‘face’ in a way that would grab attention across the globe. Kommando did just that, launching an experiential campaign to project Keira Knightly as the face of Chanel in the world’s biggest fashion centres; New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo using the NomadiX iProjector. At the same time, Kommando promoted and created awareness for the Coco Mademoiselle fragrance.

Projecting Keira Knightley onto city landscapes, the promotion generated huge press attention and the innovative delivery method allowed Kommando to bypass the saturated traditional advertising environments and achieve the desired viral effect.

VELUX: More White. More Light. More Life.

As part of the 250 date “VELUX 2016 Tour” of the UK, Kommando & Story were tasked to come up with an experiential campaign to shed some light on the brands newest and most modern addition to their product portfolio.

To give VELUX suppliers and installers a preview of the features and benefits of the range, an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience has been created to transport them to the VELUX factory in Denmark. People are taken on a 360° journey from the forest where the wood is sourced, right through to the building, testing and installation of the innovative new roof window design. This provides a full understanding of the product along with instilling a sense of community and workmanship with the brand.



Kommando was tasked with creating an experiential campaign to celebrate the freedom and enjoyment of rail travel.

ScotRail’s new campaign slogan ‘Roll With Us’ was embraced through a Guinness World Record breaking attempt which saw over 250 people swap shoes for skates to create one long continuous conga line for a period of 15 minutes.

Bauer Media Scotland, brought the record attempt to life with Radio Clyde’s DJ Knoxy both on the mic and leading the conga line to tie together the experiential campaign. Kommando brand ambassadors distributed red Clyde 1 and ScotRail emblazoned t-shirts to participants producing a truly eye-catching element to the experiential conga spectacle.

The Guinness World Record was authenticated and an astounding 254 people formed an unbroken line for 17 minutes, setting the world record for the longest chain of roller skaters! Guinness World Records and Experiential marketing is the perfect partnership to get your brand to stand out!

Do you have an experiential project you'd to chat about? We'd love to hear from you.

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Experiential Marketing

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Experiential Marketing
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