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Google+’s Most-Followed User- Is this the start of something great?

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The fan base for Britney Spears continues to grow after it is announced that the pop princess has taken top spot as Google+’s most followed person, overtaking Google CEO Larry Page. The impressive following may be a result of the enormous Google+ icon placed on the singer’s website.

Spears, well known for her singing career and personal struggles, can celebrate both turning 30 this week and being top of the list.

Around 775,000 people follow Britney’s Google+ account, but compare this to the singer’s Facebook page which has received 15.4 million “Likes” and her Twitter account which has 11.4 million followers. Google+ clearly have some chasing to do but the networking site’s popularity is growing.

Many companies and celebrities are already signing up for a Google+ page so I wonder how long it will take for the networking site to catch up with competition? Google+ strives to be better than competition and is well known for its forward thinking strategy, for example Google+ makes it easier to share things with particular groups of friends rather than as a mass communication to all your friends.

Google+ was once only popular by techies and the usual early adopters but the networking channel is now attracting A list celebrities and leading brand names, often posting comments and engaging with their captivated audience.

Musicians have often used networking sites to build up their fan base e.g. the success of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber on Twitter and Facebook fan pages (more recently on the musician’s personal page via Facebook Subscribe buttons). It now appears that Google+ is the next place for musicians and celebrities to accumulate fans. Many big brands and innovative companies are also joining in on the trend.

Who do you think will dethrone the pop princess? You can check the people and companies who are top of Google+ by visiting Social Statistics

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