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Kommando's Fresh Approach To The Morning Commute

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Kommando shook up the morning routine for commuters earlier this month by introducing aqua zorbing along the River Clyde as an alternative to trains and buses.

The PR stunt was part of the Mentos Gum Take a Fresh Approach challenge devised to raise awareness of the recently launched gum. Businessmen, students and shoppers were invited to invigorate their morning and have some fun, as they freshened up their regular journey by zorbing their way across the city in branded Mentos zorbs.

Although hundreds of thousands of people travel over or along the Clyde every day, the stunt marks the first time zorbing commuters have hit the river. Navigating the waves of the Clyde with the wind at their backs, the team stepped up to the challenge to take a fresh approach to everyday life. The stunt marked the start of a two week integrated guerrilla marketing and sampling campaign created by Kommando for Mentos Gum. In addition to the stunt Kommando commissioned a Metro wraparound cover which featured a spoof story on the latest way to travel to work.

Supporting the guerrilla activity, experienced Kommando brand ambassadors took to the streets in a sampling campaign across major cities in Scotland. It was estimated that the campaign would reach over 96% of all adults in Scotland.

Mentos Gum Brand Manager Aimee Reason said: “Commuters taking to the river en-masse in giant Zorbs as part of the Mentos Gum challenge will most certainly raise eyebrows. Mentos gum is all about challenging Glaswegians to take a fresh approach and zorbing to work will definitely kick-start the morning, leaving Glaswegians more refreshed.”

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