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Experiential Marketing; Kommando's Top 5 Tips

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Experiential marketing can be a useful and engaging means to complement other traditional marketing communications, however it can actually be more effective than traditional and mass media when used as a stand alone.

Creating emotion is the key to a successful campaign and experiential marketing can provide a far stronger platform for this than traditional media. As companies start to take note of the value experiential marketing has to offer the importance of using these techniques to set your brand apart increases. In the first of a series, here are my top five experiential tips:

1. Make it work for you.

Experiential marketing can be used in multiple ways depending on what you want to achieve from the campaign. Use it as an insight tool, a test for product development, or the personality tuning of any advertising strategy.

2. Consider your positioning.

Keep it fluid; a campaign can fail to become an emotional embrace it its positioned in the wrong place – choose your position carefully!

3. Plan, plan, plan.

Laws and bylaws exist to control the issues that arise from poorly managed campaigns. They can change daily and it pays to know in advance where the trip lines are to stay out of crisis.

4. Get the right staff.

The experience relies on the staff; they are a window to the personality of your product. Cast, interview, and ensure you source from a first stop supplier. So many agencies claim to have 100% UK coverage but most book through third party smaller agencies which results in the end of consistency and campaign accountability.

5. Let Go!

Experiential should be allowed to develop its own character; it can’t be too highly controlled and needs to be able to flow with the audience it embraces. Let go and watch it grow in front of you, most of all it should be enjoyable!

TK Maxx

Giant Shopping lands in Glasgow

TK Maxx
Kommando have created an experiential campaign for TK Maxx to launch their latest flagship superstore.

Drama And Surprise

TV Channel Launch causes drama and surprise

Drama And Surprise
To launch their new TV channel, TNT placed a large red push button on a quiet square in a Belgium town. Next to the button was an invitation: "Push to add drama."