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Experience a movie like Cruise

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We are now all familiar with the 4DX cinemas with the moving chairs, sprinklers, scents and contrasting lights that give you a ‘rich’ and ‘full’ experience. But how many of us would really want to live inside the next Star Wars or the next Fast & Furious at a theatre? 

NBC studios in partnership with Positron are now offering a VR experience to promote a zero gravity stunt from ‘The Mummy’. People are treated to a 360-degree behind-the-scenes look at how the iconic scene from ‘The Mummy’, where Tom Cruise and actress Annabelle Wallis are tumbling weightlessly inside a falling airplane.

The feeling of weightlessness is conveyed to attendees using the Positron Voyager VR platform seats. The chairs pivot to create a sense of weightlessness while built-in haptics stimulate the steady rumble of an aircraft.

This experience is an attempt to show consumers and movie-Goers a glimpse into the future of cinema viewing.

Not only does this turn up the excitement for the movie, but it also initiates the public interest in this emerging technology. Content is being created by studios all over the world, and with the increase of content, theatres will be coming up soon.

Whether people have used VR before or not, they are going to be mind-blown after this experience. This is great news for the film industry as this experience can now encourage multiple viewings for movies. The possibilities are endless. This experience creates a lasting impression that makes you want to reach out and touch the surrounding scene of the film.

Experience is vital, it puts the customer first and gives them an almost literal taste of the product or service. If you want to provide your customers with an exceptional experience and make the impossible possible, contact us today.

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