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Converse's Canvas Experiment

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We love this piece of guerrilla advertising for Converse; an interactive ‘screen’ made up of 480 Chuck Taylor All Stars shoes which displays images projected onto it and reacts to live music.

A truly interactive live brand experience, users can project images into the surface of the screen and create equaliser graphics by feeding music into the display.

As part of the campaign Converse invited three artists to create a series of pieces to be displayed on the interactive screen. Mentalgassi, Diederik Kraaijeveld and Olivia Fremineau all contributed to the project and their involvement culminated in a Converse pop-up party in Paris which featured the commissioned artworks together for the first time. French band, The Dodoz, plugged into the Canvas itself, working all 480 shoes as sound equalizers.

Supporting the campaign launch activity two Canvas window installations which reacted to the movements of passersby appeared in flagship Converse stores including the Courier store in Paris and the Converse Store in Berlin.

Parts of the canvas can currently be seen in Barcelona, Madrid and Milan. It will make an appearance in the UK this summer as part of shoe retailer Schuh’s 30th birthday.

An amazing example of high tech technology mixed with good old fashioned creativity.

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