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We've made it onto COI Experiential Marketing Framework

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Kommando, the UK's most innovative experience marketing agency has won a fiercely-contested place on the Central Office of Information's (COI) £12 million events framework (roster) for Experiential Marketing.

Over 100 agencies applied for the Experiential sector alone, with 1,000 in total applying for all of the lots.

Agencies were asked to submit detailed case studies with their submission to justify a place on the four-year framework. From initial indications Kommando is the only agency from Scotland to win a place in this lot.

This year, Kommando has gone from strength to strength in a time when others have downsized or disappeared due to the recession. The team in the North has expanded, and the business launched the PixAngels photo marketing teams.

The company also launched two patented media services this year; NomadiX Media which includes the world's only hand held video projector and wearable overhead media screens and the experiential booking service, "Kommando Live". Kommando Live provides the opportunity for brands to book promotional space at leading music arena's across the UK with world famous artist tours and other high attendance events.

Acting MD, Jacqueline McMillan said:

"We may be known for the big brand work we do, but we have been doing innovative public sector campaigns for the last six years. Winning a place on this framework is a fantastic opportunity for us to build on that work. We bring an abundance of sector experience and resource to the table as well as some of the industry's most innovative proprietary nomadic media. Our significant cash investment this year in measurement and effectiveness systems as well as staffing and social network seeding tools, will show that our kind of Experiential marketing with innovative technology is the way forward. We look forward to delivering campaigns of excellence for COI and it's government and public sector clients."

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