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Home | Blog | Some hilarious answers to a school test paper

This pupil may have completely failed each question but at least he got an A for creativity!

School Test Results- Epic Fail

An A For Creativity

Home | Blog | Some hilarious answers to a school test paper

Ok so this pupil shows us their hilarious answers to one of those dreaded school test papers!

Augmented Reality

The Government works with Kommando

Augmented Reality
Kommando Group is working with the Scottish Government to create and deliver a nation-wide field marketing campaign. The mission, bring to life the dangers of second-hand smoke, create awareness and drive change.

Free 3D Phone

HTC to introduce glasses free 3D phone

3D comes to the popular HTC smartphone range when they introduce the Evo handset to the UK market next month.

Pushing The Boundaries

Into The Kool Box Goes... Virtual Reality.

Pushing The Boundaries
With more companies trying their hand at Virtual Reality, for experiential marketing, we found it fitting to talk about some of the Virtual Reality campaigns which are pushing the boundaries.