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Home | Blog | Some hilarious answers to a school test paper

This pupil may have completely failed each question but at least he got an A for creativity!

School Test Results- Epic Fail

An A For Creativity

Home | Blog | Some hilarious answers to a school test paper

Ok so this pupil shows us their hilarious answers to one of those dreaded school test papers!

We Own The Streets

with hard hitting Gang-Culture message

We Own The Streets
Strathclyde Police have appointed Kommando to target trouble spots for Gang Culture in the city of Glasgow as part of Strathclyde Police’s latest campaign to “Break the circle of violence”.

Pacific Building

Digital & Video Production

Pacific Building
The ink is currently drying on an exciting contract for one of the countries premier specialist building contractors Pacific Building…

LOCOG; Mobile Marketing

Are LOCOGs efforts to control mobile marketing wasted?

The news that LOCOG is aiming to prevent non-sponsors from using virtual space surrounding the Olympics by making official location based check-in available only to sponsors has sparked some debate in Kommando HQ.