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A Fashion Faux Pas by French Fashion Chain

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La Redoute has learnt that attention to detail is vital when undertaking any marketing activities. The French fashion chain made a scandalous mistake when they posted an advert for children’s clothing online but failed to spot and edit out the nudist in the background. The photograph featured four children running on a beach but to everyone’s disgust also showed in the surroundings a clear image of a naked man. The advert was live on the website for several hours.

Unfortunately for the brand the shameful advert didn’t take long to spread around Twitter users, with comments such as 'EPIC FAIL de la Redoute!' Just goes to show the power of social media and how mistakes can spread in an instant!

La Redoute immediately released an apology, however internet users delved deeper and noticed the company had also made an obvious mistake on a range of T-shirts, misspelling Holidays with ‘Holydays’.

After causing shock amongst customers and the public- and not in a good way- the brand will begin rebuilding the trust of followers and try to rebuild their reputation in the fashion industry.

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