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We love to share our knowledge, experience and tips. From the latest Experiential Marketing techniques to the coolest technology, we're on it.

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Advocates For Animals

Blood soaked humans lie trapped in snares

Kommando marked the anniversary of the decision taken not to make snaring illegal by MSPS with a shock ambush stunt, creating public stand still.. and positive news generation.

New Olympic Sport

Acrobuttocks for London Olympic Games 2012

Some say this could be a new Olympic sport for the London Olympic Games 2012; Acrobuttocks!!

Experiential Isn’t For You

5 reasons why experiential marketing isn’t for you

Guerrilla At The Olympics

Expected online guerrilla opportunities at the Olympics

The Use Of Social Media

Social Media Finds New Business

A global survey by Regus shows that 41% of UK companies use social media in order to win new business – up 8% on last year.

Scottish Event Awards

Best Use of Technology

Scottish Event Awards
Kommando are delighted to have been announced as nominees for the 2011 Scottish Event Awards “Best Use of Technology”.