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We love to share our knowledge, experience and tips. From the latest Experiential Marketing techniques to the coolest technology, we're on it.

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The New Apple TV?

We Reveal the latest

Whilst the world awaits confirmation from Apple exactly what could be the next big thing;

The BBC Ask Kommando

Paddy Power Guerrilla PR Stunt

The BBC Ask Kommando
Known for our expertise in the field of Experiential and Guerrilla marketing, our Managing Director is interviewed by BBC Wales News.

Converse Experiment

guerrilla advertising for Converse

An interactive ‘screen’ made up of 480 Chuck Taylor All Stars shoes which displays images projected onto it and reacts to live music.


Mineral Water Experience

Contrex mineral water stunt motivates passers-by...

COI Axing Confirmed

but centralised marketing hub is rejected.

Following Government confirmation, Kommando are disappointed to hear that the Central Office of Information (COI) will definitely be scrapped.

Clever Advertising

CCTV follows a suspicious character