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We love to share our knowledge, experience and tips. From the latest Experiential Marketing techniques to the coolest technology, we're on it.

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Innocent takeaway van

Get your 5 a day

Takeaways innocent? Not two words we would usually put together, but the latest experiential marketing campaign from Innocent looks set to change this…

Free 3D Phone

HTC to introduce glasses free 3D phone

3D comes to the popular HTC smartphone range when they introduce the Evo handset to the UK market next month.

Highland Spring

"Best Seat in the House"

Kommando and our staffing division working with Multiply, have just completed filming for Highland Spring's "Best Seat in the House" campaign. Fifty of Kommando's brand ambassadors bounced into Liverpool Street Station in London with inflatable branded tennis ball seats strapped to their bodies.

Guerrilla Marketing Posters

Hard Hitting Guerrilla Marketing Posters

We found these great/hard hitting guerrilla marketing posters and wanted to share with you...

Guerrilla Marketing

at the 2012 London Olympics

I came across an interesting story last week about a clampdown on “ambush marketing” at the 2012 London Olympics which basically said that organisers want to ensure any unauthorised and unpaid for advertising at the event is stopped. But how workable is this in reality?

Greenpeace Guerrilla

Campaign Attacks Volkswagen's Environmental Record

Greenpeace unleashed a guerrilla marketing campaign against Volkswagen on Tuesday morning, by placing banners over the top of London billboards.