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5 Digital Signage Trends

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The future of digital signage will have many functions, from personalisation to augmented reality and even artificial intelligence. Below is a list of 5 potential trends for digital signage.

Technologies will be trickier
As people want technology and data at a faster rate than ever before, we are needing to invest in state-of-the-art equipment to be able to meet this need.

In the business world, time is money, meaning investments in the work of digital signage is to be expected. Since content is at the core of digital signage, the streaming options of this media need to be optimised for a better understanding and perception of the customer.

The displays will work with cameras, mobile devices, and applications, the sensors of which will process personal data to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Technologies will be smarter
The digital signage system will ease the improvement of the operational process by eliminating some stages which have been labelled as useless. The analysis of your products, services, solutions will be accelerated and your customers will be satisfied in the improved servicing.

The key functions in such analysis will be focused directly on personalisation but also recognition. This includes age, dimensions, preferences, taste, lifestyle, job position and many other factors, which reflect the personality of the customer.

The recognition process is more complicated, as it uses the operation of numerous sensors, cameras, devices, and applications. The results of recognition mostly depend on the personal data, therefore, the accuracy is related to the accuracy of personalisation.

Software will take a decision what and when to display
A number of marketing departments will take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) in performing tasks. The tasks of these specialists will include management and monitoring of digital signage operations. AI will have to make a decision whether a particular piece of content should be displayed to a particular customer based on the analysis of data. The AI will analyse the goals of the person in front of the screen in order to define what kind of advertising is better to be displayed at this particular moment.

A simple illustration of this would be, a buyer is choosing purchase a toothpaste then he or she looks at the display. The buyer needs the best toothpaste deal to be shown, rather than a candy's discounted price.

Data will be the core and the data processing will make the difference
Digital signage is a strong tool to improve customers’ response and relationships, therefore it’s important to understand what content to display and how it works all in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Digital signage is an expensive process, which can yield positive results when applied properly.

Digital signage instead of staff
The communication with customers will be performed via display excluding any potential human-to-human relationship. Amazon Go has already introduced an advanced technology for stores without any lines or checkouts. Smart displays are performing the key role in the shopping without shopping personnel. You take what you need, pay for it via an app and leave a store without time spending for lines. McDonalds, Starbucks and Weatherspoon’s in the UK are trialling out payment and services like this already.

Whenever you click an "I agree with the T&Cs" you are allowing your data to be analysed, currently it's not being used to its full potential. In 10 years time, the digital signage software will know better; who, what and how to display. Welcome to the future!

If you would like to use digital signage to amplify your brand message, we would love to here from you.


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