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Klockwork Staffing

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Kommando realised a long time ago that at the heart of great campaigns you'll find great staff, which is precisely why we developed KlockworkTM: our patented staff booking system. KlockworkTM uses a performance rating system, which works in a similar way to Trip Advisor, and is utilised for staff recruitment, monitoring, evaluation and invoicing. The system maintains our network of 3000+ promotional staff whilst providing the best match of people to a wide variety of brands and briefs.

We are the only agency to operate this fully managed OPT IN and self managed diary based online staffing system. Worrying about promotional staff no shows or, even worse, shows from no hopers is a thing of the past. The KlockworkTM process puts the right staff in the right place at the right time and, of course, at the right price.

In short, we deliver at as near to 100% as is physically possible – in an industry where 50% turn out has almost become an accepted norm.

Our sophisticated Klock-UTM software helps track staff attendance at venues. This small patented device is located in-store. This unit provides unique codes that staff must text back when they arrive and leave a location. Klock-UTM can track these codes allocated against each member of staff to ensure that they are where they should be. It also helps us to manage legal requirements in the field such as accident reporting and absence.

Compliance is everything. That's why we are an ISO 9001 enrolled company and undertaking accreditation for BS890. That's why we have public liability cover large enough for any eventuality. That's why our health and safety training is unprecedented and our record flawless. That’s why we risk asses every potential outcome, and that's why we don't just train our staff but constantly monitor, mystery shop and evaluate them with a unique rating system that's visible to all on KlockworkTM.